Today’s world has become so competitive that everyone seems to aim for the same diamond at the top of pyramid. Here everyone wants to be a shining star but most of us doesn’t choose a wise path. We don’t want to wait for the fruit to ripe,like today’s mutated fruits we will get results but not satisfactory. It’s true we will get the victory but at the cost of our pride. So never think that a victory obtained by a shortcut will be fruitful.


Pride this is something which is more important than the soul. Even a fall with pride is worthier than a victory. Most parent’s didn’t taught their children about it. They all want them to win their battle which they missed in their life.What they taught is simply “win! win! win! the battle whatever it might cost. The world is not going to speak about your way of winning, they will speak only about your achievement”. Actually this is bullshit, for those who think pride is not important and ready to do anything for victory. The following paragraphs might teach an important thing.


Many may think that how comes that a death can give pride. A father who lost his commondo son in a battle for his nation explained that. ” even the tears shed during his son’s funeral had more pride than sorrow”. Wasn’t this enough to prove that what is more important than life.


Bhagat Singh

Want to know more about pride read this man’s last days. Normally a prisoner sentenced to death would lose weight because of fear but it’s not the same for this lion. He gained weight like a guest who arrived home for festival,even the men who sought out a way to rule india for 400 years can’t get rid of this riddle. Out of curiosity a jailer asked about the weight gain to a man who gained the endless wisdom and bravery by birth. What he answered is, “I’m so proud to die for my country and that’s pride and happiness which you witness in me”, That’s called the pride. Even when his father wrote an apology letter to the british asking them to pardon his son, he said that father i’m going to for my country don’t disgrace me, let me taste the honour


KARNA'S PRIDEFor those guys who want to live and die with honour, this man’s life is a masterpiece to admire at. He is the unsung hero of the HINDU epic MAHABHARATHA . He is referred as the ill fated child, who faced all the disgrace just because of the dead meat caste system. What would one do when their own mother betrays them . when you should face your own brother at a blood warth for your friend where death is assured. He had a choice to change sides and win the crown. But he made it clear that rather than betraying his friend, he is ready to die fighting his brother, isn’t that pride.

During his last battle against his rival, he was in a situation to inhale his last breath,the lord almighty appeared before him and explained the reason for his situation even at that point karna asked the lord about his pride. “What will happen to my courage and skill, won’t they be recognized can’t i get the pride for those”. To which the lord gave an epic reply, “Look karna the way you are being defeated will earn you the pride, you are being tricked into this situation by god himself and your mother, teacher even your charioteer has made this worst for you, your wheel is stuck and we are going to kill you now knowing that this is our only chance to beat a man like you. This death will give you the pride”.



It’s not the win and victory which will give you the satisfaction. Even if you lose it doesn’t matter, what  matters most is the way you fought and the way you kept your integrity at  tough times and the way you came back that’s what is pride and surely it gives satisfaction.  Pride is not obtained when your friend claps for your victory, it is obtained when your rival says that you are the toughest of all i have seen in my life. And learn to respect your rival because without a good rival you can never grow up. “live for the pride and not just for victories. a defeat with pride can give more satisfaction than a victory without it”.


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