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When two prodigies meet miracles do happen and VapourHost is one such thing.As it is the best thing since sliced bread it knocked the socks off and it proved its not a nine-day wonder rather it’s a ever growing thing.

Well everyone may wonder such great things can be accomplished only by experienced persons but it was proven wrong because it was started by a 14 year and a 16 year old boy showing that if you have passion and dedication , you will even achieve an insurmountable task.
Let us see about the two artists who sketched “ VapourHost “ .The similarity between these two partners is a unique feature that is both their names sound same and only spellings vary .I said this so that you won’t get confused while reading.

Chirag Agarwal (16 year old ) met Chirag Aggarwal(14 year old) on Facebook and then Agarwal said him about the VapourHost Venture.As we all think twice before starting something new Chirag Aggarwal too thought about it and he was not convinced at the first occasion so he asked his friend about this for which they said that the venture would be damp squib and it will screw up his life.Then some inner force made him to say a positive response to Agarwal. Even in the middle of the venture Aggarwal had the idea of giving up but he consoled himself and stayed on it which is a great thing for a 14 year old. At last it proved to be a blessing in disguise for him. Identity is the key for anything and the name “VapourHost” was proposed by Aggarwal.

When I asked them, ”How did your parents react when you said you are starting a new venture ?“

“ I already used to earn some amount by selling hosting and by doing web development. My parents weren’t highly surprised. To be truthful, they don’t know what I was doing fully at that time . Main problem was to do these works as well as maintain studies. I worked till late night sometimes and now mostly I work till late night. “, says Chirag Aggarwal.

“My parents had a mixed reaction of happiness and tension. Tension was about my studies and marks (you know te typical mind of Indian parents). My cousin Prince Bansal came to the rescue.”,Says Chirag Agarwal.

When a young guy does more things than us we usually get jealous and so there was lot of demotivating factors as if it was a Pot calling the kettle black when they started this venture. “Biggest demotivation was in the comment section of a post on our launch day “ , says Chirag Agarwal .

I asked Chirag Agarwal ,“how did you convince Chirag Aggarwal when he decided to quit?”

“I gave him the space to grow, so I think he himself recovered from those demotivation“ ,says Chirag Agarwal.

Chirag Aggarwal has his own mantra for getting out of demotivated stated.He maintains a “quotes book” and he writes some motivational thoughts in it and when he reads it, it motivates him.

It shows when some one says you are dead in the water you can hit a home run if you cheer yourself and keep striving towards the goal.Clearly self confidence and trust in each other made them to burry the demotivating forces in the coffin.

Once when we start doing more great deeds even guys who depreciated us before we started a thing will start to appreciate.Appreciation is a token of graditude.Let us see some feedbacks about vapour host given by their clients .

Nikith Vijay: A very cool initiative to maintain the customer base. Thanks for this kickass premium goodies. Proud to be one among this group

Mukesh Bhardwaj: As a CEO of a Digital Marketing Company I prefer Vapourhost for all newbies and for those who wants to host their websites at very affordable price. one more thing about Vapourhost is their Support!

These reviews show that how they treat their customers and how they value them. In modern world when everything is a business they do business as a service.I think this is the first hosting company which created a group for his customers and they upload all premuim files which are essential.If you dont believe me you can visit their site VapourHost and check the price and services they offer.You will be gobsmacked for sure.

When we achieve great attitude we just get saturated at that point but great people keeps on striving because they think improvement is a infinite path like wise vapour host is now providing service to Indian customers and they want to expand it to the whole world.This shows their intent and their goal.When we do something with purpose merrymaking becmoes a part of our meal because even thorns in our path will look like bed of roses.Chirag Agarwal says this quote makes him to work harder.

We wish soon you guys will hit out of the park with your venture and all the best for your future endeavours .We wish our readers Merry Christmas.Do post your valuable words in the comment section.


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