Let’s Go For A Stroll With Abishiekh Jain


Ambitious, courageous, diligent ,debonair ,genial, impartial ,flamboyant ,passionate persistent ,precocious , reverent, witty …OMG I am running out of adjectives to describe the interviewee and his name “Abishiekh Jain” will be a new adjective in the near future.I think server is checking whether there is enough memory available to describe a guy who got featured in huff post, bigstartups and was also interviewed by an U.S radio channel.A true synonym for the word “child prodigy”.He started blogging at the age of 13 .The award “Blogger of the year “ awarded by Blogx got it’s true value when he held it in his hands.This quote“Don’t focus on having the best blog. Focus on producing a blog which is the best for your readers” defines his blog.Inspite of his success the great part about him is his humbleness .Wittiness and sarcasm are his by products in his life. I like to pay a small tribute to him in form of few lines.

When people move with slow pace
He won many races,to leave a trace
And he never turned back
When people said him you suck
He never gave a damn f**k
Never backed away from challenges
Instead thrashed them into pieces
Just to emerge victorious

Every one knows about his blogging skill and his blogging life so I thought people should know how a successful man approaches his life .Lets go for a stroll with him.

1)How will you define blogging in your own terms?How did blogging transformed you?

Blogging is an art. Blogging is a way to express your feelings with millions of people.Blogging is a digitalised form of writing.It gives people who are great writers a great platform to share their writings all over the world.Blogging has completely transformed me, like a boy who didn’t knew anything about computers and blogging and I used to keep a distance from it.Now I am owning a blog which is loved by many and which is featured at every big site like huff post, bigstartups and also got interviewed by an USA radio channel ,etc and even more .Now getting interviewed in blogging saints, what more transformation is needed?

It completely changed me. Blogging made me a person that I always wanted to be.It allowed me to travel to different places and to speak at events and to teach people including youths and also people who are twice my age. It made me a motivational icon for all young people to start bloggig or what ever they like . It made me to earn too . The respect I get from people is from blogging!It completely changed me.

2) You are a guy who made your way through lot of struggles.Which kept you motivated?Your advice to young generation because they want success without any hardship.

Yeah I did struggle a lot, worked so hard to achieve what I am today.I did get many failures, rejections, and every single time I was rejected just because I was 13-14 year old Indian but the thing that kept me going is this quote


This quote instilled the thrust in me, but of course a quote won’t do anything .Success purely depends upon your work and how much effort you put in?

My advice to young generation is if you don’t work, don’t expect anything in return.
Never say that it was just an overnight success to any of the successful persons. we know how much sleepless night, endless struggle and sacrifices, rejections, criticization, insults we faced and when few call it as OVERNIGHT SUCCESS, it is not fair. Work hard, you may fail at the first, second, third and even at the 10th time . Don’t lose hope. Just keep trying.

I was rejected by 18 pages initially, before getting accepted by 19th page, which gave me a bit of recognition at that time. When I started Hackers Den I faced a lot of struggle .It took me about 1.5 years to earn for the first time from it. Then slowly made it as branded site which is being loved by many.

Just imagine if I had quitted at that time, when I was rejected by 18th page or when I was not having enough time to come online, Hackers Den won’t be today .
So believe in yourself. Work harder as well as smarter.
You never know how close you are to success.
Just think age as a number.

3)Actually blogger means one who writes a blog .This is just a digitalised form of writing but now a days internet marketers and seo experts claim themselves as bloggers and post articles with errors and spoil the art of writing but thy get fame due to marketing skills where as a person who is good writer suffer because they lack good seo skills .Is this fair?Your views on that.

To be sympathetic and diplomatic I will say it’s not fair! I completely agree that marketers spoil the art of writing. It’s because they don’t care about users its all about money at the end.
We really live in this century where we don’t care about users or customers .All we need is money and only money. I don’t understand where he will put that much money .Whether inside his ***?

Because of them great writers, quit blogging, because they don’t blog for money. All they do is they want their voice to be heard all over the world, but can’t get it ranked so eventually they quit.
It’s very disappointing to see. Even I saw 2-3 fellow mates of mine who quit despite having great writing skills.All I can say is your writing is great but do learn other things and don’t confine yourself with writing Or else hire someone to make up the lacking skill.

4)Imagine a world where there is no blogging. Same way imagine you have only blogging option and all other are devoid from you .What will you do in those situations?

A world with no blogging, I would be programming.If only blogging, what do I need more ?

5)If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?

I would like to wake up as shri narendra modiji and will declare Hackers Den as the National tech blog of India!

6)People say there is a fine line between creativity and insanity.How you look at this philosophical question?

Insanity is a big word, but we have seen many people who were insane, but have achieved greater Heights! Right?It is because of ideas, I stress the word ideas.

See what I think is, people with creative ideas are creative and people with insane ideas are creative too!So you are a creative person! It depends upon your idea!
But insanity upto an extent is good.If u just repeat the same thing in same manner again and again, then it’s foolishness but in creativity you might do the same thing but in a different way. Right? That’s creativity

But according to the society’s perception, those insane people would be regarded as mentally ill and retarded and I don’t know how many those hard terminologies exist but don’t forget a person who is insane can do a lot of great things which a normal person can’t even think because their mind is not like a normal man.It’s something different and it’s something great.So I hope I have explained the fine line.

7)You have a chance to bathe for 6 days but should not change the dress.You have a chance to change the dress everyday but you can’t bathe for 6 days .What will you choose ?why?

I will not bathe for 6 days but wear different clothes, as I am used to. Sometimes I don’t bathe for many days and I don’t feel odd.I don’t even mind changing clothes.I feel more fresh rather than go and turn on the geyser and bathe.It’s damn boring.

I would like to change the clothes because I don’t want the people to think that I have only 1 Set of cloth and really even in the same pair of cloth which is being worn for 6 days I really don’t think it stinks.
So you won’t even know that I didn’t bathe! (I experimented for a week)
So I would prefer the second option.

8)Do you want luxury +fame life thing or neccessity + peaceful life(You won’t get fame here)?

See I don’t want to be a Mahatma or a Dalai lama so I don’t need a peaceful life. I never want peace in my life (not completely, a bit say for few minutes and I will get that in luxury + fame life too, a few mins peace) .All I want in life is action, failures and success so I want luxury + fame life thing.

9)You are a guy who do not eat much .Even you skip lunch and dinner.So do you have any supernatural power running in your blood?What will you u do if you are forced to participate in a food eating competition?First do you have any favourite food items?

Yeah I do have a supernatural power that is “WORK”. Really work is stress buster for me .I really forget eating when I work.I really can work for the whole day without eating but no one should disturb me.Just give me water and I am fine.

Probably I get a class everyday by my parents for not eating, so I will soon start eating. Even my friends lecture a lot about this, I don’t understand why my relatives are so concerned. (Beta Kitna patla hogaya hain, mummy khana Nahi daalte kya? and all shit.)I mean like really are they concerned about my marks, my body, my future, my wife, my kids and my money. I feel like do you guys have anything else to focus on?

If I am forced to eat in a competition, I will look for the judge and will bribe him or will ask him for a personal hangout with me for 3 hours and will tell him about how to make $$$$ and how to achieve anything or any other shit just to escape.
Favourite food items I have no particular choice. I eat whatever is there .

10)Imagine you are a born evil.How will you rule this world.Can you rule better the current rulers?

If I rule this world then I will declare a rule that no illiterate will rule the country. He will only be considered as a peon.I will abolish the quota system and special reservation for ministers and every high class man will be treated as a normal man with normal procedures to follow.

In school not only maths, physics would be teached instead will add a section of programming, art, music, films etc. From pre kg to 3rd std, he will be taught table manners, etiquette and how to deal with people and etc . Many will say I copied this idea from Japan or any other country perhaps I would say no.From 4th to 7th he would be taught maths, physics, Chemistry and English.When he comes to 8th he will have an option of choosing any two subjects which ever he wants .(anything like programming, hacking, physics, maths, chemistry, filming, arts, music anything but English will be compulsory and would not be included in the two subjects list).He would study those upto 10th std .
No boards or common exams.
No competitive exams, because it doesn’t make you to learn, it just makes you to mug up.
So you choose what you like.
Then after 10th you take your desired course in college.
Just complete it and start your career.

I will pass a law, that no bail is offered for rapists and will put them behind the bars.Iwill create a new 4 digit number for all girls and women who when being stalked by some stranger can dial that number and within 5 minutes a police officer will be there for her rescue (this will need advanced technology, which will develop in India)

I will make India truly digital by setting up network towers in each village with internet connectivity and will bring every store online and make sure they are connected so that we won’t be back in terms of technology.I Will start a thing known as “ NO TO FOREIGN COMPANIES” .Instead Indians working for Microsoft, Apple and other brands, and innovating their products , I will say that be in India and make such products so that we can beat other countries in every possible way.

I Will make freedom of speech legit because still now you don’t have freedom of speech. Like if you just comment on any issue or over any political leader, the next day you will be in jail.I will abolish this.There are many other things but will make these changes first.

11)You wake up in the morning find your domain host everything corrupted .You lost your backup .Your blogging is your identity. Now you are a zero.How you will feel ?What will you do?

I will feel sad for sure but I won’t lose confidence. Neither I will be sitting idle nor be keep on thinking about it. I will just find some ways to regain it back. If I cannot then I will start a new blog from scratch as I have knowledge. I will make it even more perfect.

I won’t lose my identity here because blogging is my identity and people know about me as well as about my blogging skill and also people know that I am founder of Hackers Den. This will make sure that they won’t forget me and even if my domain and host are lost.
Between Facebook won’t be corrupted right? I Will inform them via FB and I will say them to wait for a big surprise.

12)If you are given teleporting power will you travel to past or future ?What will you do there?What super power you will choose?

I will go to past to clear all the mistakes that I have done.I will learn from them so that I can have a better future. I will choose “reading minds superpower” so that I won’t miss out any deal in the future.

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview session.I wish him all the best for his future endeavours . I hope Abishiek will continue to keep us in a awe struck mood by his wonderful blogging skill.I would like to end this article by saying this quote

“ Abishiekh was possessed by blogging and Blogging was obsessed with Abhishiek “

Guys do drop in your valuable comments.


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