Password Security Tips and Tricks

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Password is a phrase or group of words or letters or symbols that secures your accounts from other persons and enhances the privacy

Think the paces where we use our password,

  • Mail accounts-Gmail,Ymail,Hotmail
  • Bank online transactions
  • Social accounts-Fb,Twitter,Snapchat,Hangouts
  • Website logins
  • Shopping websites-Amazon,Flipkart,eBay
  • Desktop/Laptop entry passwords
  • Mobile passwords
  • Wi-Fi passwords

On above mentioned circumstances, the password works a secret door to save our personal data that might be of privacy data, money-oriented stuffs or official data.

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So it is important to make your password super strong. It is bit tougher to make remember the password but security is the first preference.

Ways to keep the password strong:

  • Do not keep phrases or common patterns as passwords as they are easily hack able
  • No using of  keyboard patterns as passwords
  • Do use mix of CAPITAL and small letters in the password
  • Often use special characters such as !@#$%^&*() in the passwords
  • Make sure that numbers are present at random part of your passwordImage result for password
  • Most important one is , change your passwords frequently ,say for a month or two to keep the accounts safelyImage result for password
  • If your account provides two step verification, do use it necessarily because it improves security
  • Make sure when you buy or login or register to a website which hashttps:// in front of the website url which transfer the data to and fro in encrypted so that no one could hack your data
  • If your are using bank accounts for transfer, use incognito mode in browsers or use anti-virus programs that provides internet security
  • Do not use same passwords for all your accounts Image result for password
  • Use password length more than 12 strictly
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Picture shows that password containing 6 to 10 character are easily breakable by hackers

  • Do make sure that you have not click the “remember me”check box on the anonymous computers so that your account will be logged out once you logout and will not display on that computer again.

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