Do you know series #1: How do numbers born?


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Counting and calculating is an integral part of every human being. Without numbers nothing is possible. Without number how would we run our lives.


Think about things where we use numbers most predominantly

  • Calling a member of a family or a friend using mobile phone.
  • Calculating your daily budget for your food, transportation, and other expenses.
  • Cooking, or anything that involves the idea of proportion and percentage.
  • Weighing fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, and others in market.
  • In lifts or elevators to go places or floors in the building.
  • Looking at the price of discounted items in a shopping mall.
  • Looking for the number of people who liked your post on Facebook.
  • Switching the channels of your favorite TV shows.
  • Telling time you spent on work or school.
  • Computing the interest you gained on your business.

Imagine if no number system available, what would be the alternate?

Answer is to follow only our old tradition of counting as like our ancient people.


Let’s see how they managed to count and calculate.


First, they made scars on the trees to count



Then they made knots to count.


As days goes on human evolution begins. Each group of people made their own signs of counting. Finally world’s great mathematicians standardized the numbers from zero to nine representation by convolving all the major number representations.

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