Jallikattu -Tradition And Pride OF Tamilians

As a Tamilian this my duty to clear some misconceptions about this tradition. I too like to protect animals and fight for their rights .I strongly believe that humans should never enslave them or treat them badly for any reason yet I support Jallikattu. I know few people will wonder why does he support Jallikatu .Let me explain it.

First of all, this is not bull fighting in which the objective of the sport is to torture the animal. In Jallikattu,’ a pouch which contains the reward coins called ‘Jalli’ is tied to the horns of the bulls and guys will try to catch the hump of the bull and try to take that bag .The animal hardly spends 20-30 seconds in the arena. Here no weapons or anything is involved.

Now I will say you why Jallikattu is important ?

There were about 130 cattle breeds in India hundred years back and now there are only 37. Unless we support the traditional livestock keepers we will definitely lose these breeds .It WILL lay the ground for commercial cattle based dairies and slaughter houses which will dominate the country.
Male calves used for jallikattu are of no use as they can’t give milk and if there is no event like jallikattu , they will be sold to slaughter house.With only female calves available reproduction is not possible as opposite gender is also needed.

Why few people try to ban it ?

Simple reason is that if breeding is stopped cow species will become extinct and they need to buy imported cow and so that foreign company can earn.With only female cows here they need to go for artificial method for reproduction which is costly and here too they can earn.

Few guys claim this is a blood thirsty sport but I want to ask to those guys “Why didn’t you protest against beef eating ?”.If this is illegal then meat eating should be banned and slaughter house should be demolished.No one spoke when a cow was killed and now everyone who don’t know about Jallikattu want this to be banned.Then according to you “Killing is legal and ways used to protect a species is illegal”.

One more question is “ Are all the PETA volunteers pure vegetarians ?” .The funny side is guys who support this ban are saying this by sitting in the non vegetarian restaurants.

Please don’t try to mix politics into this matter as this is our tradition and yeah I know tamilians are kind but doesn’t mean they wont retaliate .We don’t want to give our tradition for the vote bank of politicians.
When other states violate the supreme court’s verdict central government doesn’t even pay any heed but they always want to poke their nose in each and every matter of Tamil nadu.


    • Soorya Karthikeyan
  1. Rajaganapathy
    • Soorya Karthikeyan

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