Drinking Water Makes You This !



We know, what is Water? It’s constituents and it’s states. Bring back the old school memories of studying what is water ! Pretty piece of nostalgia 🙂

Have you ever thought of replacing every drinks with water? Rather I too have not thought it! 

I read an article about this which has weird positive results. I came up with an idea to share those thing with you!

So ! Lets begin.

#9 You will loose your weight faster

Yes! True ! No strict diet is needed. If you replace other drinks wholly with water for 9-12 days, you will loose calories equivalent to jogging of eight kilometers for those 9-12 days.

9 days of drinking water=8 kms a day

#8 Water boosts and speeds the metabolism rate

For those who don’t know what metabolism is; Metabolism is a series of chemical reactions that induces bio processes such as digestion, secretion of acids, thinking and so on. Drinking half-a-liter of water in early morning improves the metabolism rate by 24% makes you cut the rock. Ha ha don’t try that. :p

drinking water improves metabolism

#7 Brain works better than ever

Do you know that our brain is made of water up to 75 % -85 % ! So drinking water tweaks your brain and let you concentrate. Think of you feel energetic even at the evening ! That sounds good you know.

water composition

#6 You will eat less

When you drink more water, you will have less appetite sensation so that you eat less than usual, so that you lose weight in energetic and healthy way.

#5 Body excretes bio toxins faster

Water washes out bio-toxins when we intake more water and keep organs healthier. Water also keeps the body parts younger and prevents rapid ageing. Fun fact is your body parts is 1.5 times younger than your real age !!!

effects of water on bio-toxins

#4 Lowers your visits to doctor

Do you know water avoids more than 600 diseases including hyper tension (high BP), hypo tension (low BP), ball gladder cancer, heart pumping mismatch, nausea, kidney stones and many more. An apple a day and water a glass for every hour keeps you away from doctor at a looooong distance 😉

#3 Your Heart works better

Drinking more water reduces heart chokes by 41%. That’s sounds incredible ! 41 % ! 5 glasses of water a day does this incredible thing. That number is really impressive so try it out 😛

water and heart

#2 Skin become softer and cleaner

Water makes your skin softer and moisture by cleansing your skin. I bet you love your skin even more after drinking water more after few weeks of following this.

drinking water makes skin glowing


#1 Drinking water saves your money

That’s nice when your saved pennies remains in your pocket by just drinking water. How much do you spend for your coffee and juices a day. Just replace them and get healthy richer life.


So Drink Water …




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