If you want to look at a guy who is climbing the ladder at a faster pace and who keeps on climbing irrespective of the height it will be none other than “Anmol Singhi”, founder of He is from Kurali,Punjab. If you want to look at the another form of “Hard work and dedication” , you just look at him and also you can learn all the tricks and trade that is necessary for life.If you can handle success and failure like him your life will be like a ice-cold lemonade in a summer or like a coffee and doughnut combo. He has will power such that a bad singer in a shower can even turn into an opera diva by practise.Let’s go for a drive with him to find more about him.

1)How does the word blogging gave life to you? what it really means to you?

I want to thank you for considering a small person like me for this interview and I want to congratulate you for your new blog. Best wishes for the future. coming to the question , blogging is not a word for me. I am nothing without blogging. It changed my life totally. The person who was running here and there without any goals and dreams has started dreaming. All this happened suddenly when I was surfing on the internet. My love for computer is from my childhood. Blogging gave me the platform to share my views and thoughts with this world. Because of blogging ,I made many friends and you are one among them.

People started knowing me and the best part is those people who were demotivating me and saying that I can’t do anything in my life started asking me “ How can I do things like you ? “
Inspite of it ,I always keep my feet on land and I never show them any attitude even though they criticised me in the the past. I always try to help them with what I can do for them in my limits.
When my parents say that now they are dependent on me and they don’t have any fear that I can’t handle any responsibility, it just motivates me to do more and more every day.

2) You always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Why you want to be so and what inspired you?

Yes, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. The main reason is that I don’t like to work under someone. That doesn’t mean I don’t like anyone’s guidance. This simply means that I want to be my own boss. I see people working from 9am to 5 pm under stress and depression. I work for more than 12 hours a day but so far I never felt any stress with my work.

According to me entrepreneurship means being independent. If I am independent . I will see success as well as failure on my own. As time passes by , I will learn how to stay calm, cool and positive while I face any failure and also how to stay down to earth when I get success. More over, did you ever see anyone driving Lamborghini or Porsche who works from 9am to 5pm in the office? I guess no. Yes my dreams are bigger and I know I have to work very hard to fulfil them and that is what I am doing.

3) What are the lessons that blogging taught you?

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned from blogging is how to keep on hustling even if you are not getting any success. I am just a beginner in this blogosphere . When I see my fellow blogger who are in this industry for many years ,I feel that if they can get the success after facing so many downfalls then I can also achieve my dreams. Whenever I start writing a new blog post I feel that I am made for blogging only. Blogging makes me positive with every day that is passing. Yeah money also matters as my dreams can’t be achieved without any big source of income and that is why I want to make career in blogging because it gives you lot of income . Right now,I am focusing on building an authority and not on making money.

4) What according to you is success and failure?

According to me, success is not getting money, fame or royalty. For me , success means being satisfied with whatever you do. Whenever I start a new project I never look for money. I always look at my satisfaction and my audience satisfaction. When I feel happy with any of my works that I do than I feel that I am successful.
Failure is nothing just a word that I don’t have it in my dictionary.Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn but you never get failed.

5) What is the thing that you regret about yourself and what is the thing you love about yourself. Say why?

I want to answer this question relating to my personal life. I am known to everyone as a blogger but no one knows the scene behind the curtain. In 2013 I committed the biggest mistake of my life . I fell in love with a girl who never cared about me. That was the biggest downfall of my life till now. I dropped out my 12th class because of illness and depression. I was broken from inside badly. I regret for the mistake that I did.After 2 years of downfall I met an another girl in 2015 and she changed my life totally. She is the reason why I live now . I can say that she almost gave me a 2nd birth because I was damn stressed at that time. Falling in love again with those bad experiences in the past was a daring decision but now I feel good when I think about my decision. Here I want to add one thing. You all have heard this quote “Behind every successful man there is a woman” but in my case there are 3 women who are behind my success .Whatever I got till now in this small journey of blogging and freelancing is due to my mother and my present girlfriend and my ex.

6) Now – a – days people are forced into engineering. Your view on that and advice for such parents and students.

Our education system has made fun on one of the toughest degrees of student life. If we look 10 or 15 years back , only few students used to get seat in engineering colleges. Now -a -days engineering is considered as a second option. If you can’t get admission anywhere you can get into engineering .This is the mentality of most of the parents as well as students. Then just think about the value of the degree.
Now coming to the question, I feel parents should not force their children to study any particular subject. They should let them free as a bird and let them fly in the sky with their own wings. If they are admitted forcefully in engineering then India will produce book worms not engineers who have passed the exams only by studying a night before the exams and did not learn anything with dedication.

7) If you get a chance to time travel will you go to past or future ? why so? Which things you will visit?

I always live in present. I always say to myself and others who are thinking about their past or future that past has gone and future is not in your hands , then why do you think about both if you can’t do anything with them? Peoples usually get lost in dreams by thinking of what they have done in past rather than living in present and after some time they will regret for the time they wasted in the thinking process. Same in case of future.

8) You are in dilemma now. Tomorrow you need to do some blogging works. That will change your life but your girlfriend wants you to come with her or else she will break up (if not imagine you have a girlfriend). What will you do?

I feel really lucky that I got a girlfriend who understands me. She never put me in such situation in the past and I know she will not give such options in the future too . She knows that the hard work that I am doing is just to make our future better. She always supports me in whatever I do. I really want to thank her for this.

9) Tell us about your naughtiest prank and your view on paranormal .

I feel my naughtiest prank was running away after pressing the door bells of my neighbours in my childhood. That time my friends and I played together in the street and we use to do this. Many times uncle or aunty found us doing this and they used to tell this to our parents but we continued the same till the age of 14 or 15 😛
Coming to the second part of the question, I never believe in such things. I have some experiences with such incidents but frankly saying I never believed that these things really exist. All this shit is part of movies and story books.

10) You are an engineering student .Did you join engineering with love or under compulsion. If compulsion why you could not convince your parents. If you joined with interest what is the link between your career and engineering?

It was my personal decision to join engineering but I feel that it was a decision taken as an immature guy. I was excited that I will be an engineer after 4 years but I never know that my love for writing will change my path totally. I started blogging and with time I am going deep inside this blogosphere and studies are leaving behind. Moreover I don’t like to study much. I know there is no link between my career and engineering. That is why I call myself a student of engineering by mistake.
I just want to say thanks to you brother for inviting me for this interview. I hope your readers will enjoy this interview. Best of luck for your blog and for your future.

I wish you all the success in your life and I hope you keep entertaining us through your blog.Readers do drop in your precious comments.


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