A Stroll With The Magical Musician


The Musical world is being mesmerised by a sweet tone which emerged from a 13 year old  magical musician named James Bakian. He  is London’s gift and the people in that city are blessed everyday because they can hear is voice anytime which will turn their melancholy moments into enchanting ones.

                                     ”  His  Voice  is as sweet as  canary bird ,

                                         Took everyone to the fairy world,

                                          Where everyone turned into a merry dancer,

                                          Leaving out the lairy nature to be in peace”

 This is the impact of his song.Added to this ,he writes his own lyrics which speaks millions of meanings.I accidentally met him and  went on a stroll with him through the woods and I would like to share our conversation to my fellow readers.

1) What are  the five things you can not live without ?

I can’t live without Pepsi max because it’s the most heavenly drink ever.I can’t live without my dog because I love animals .I can’t live without my phone becaus they’re everyone’s lives these days and lets face it .I can’t live without my voice because I wouldn’t be able to do my favourite thing in the world .I can’t live without music because my life would be pointless and I’d have to listen to news radio stations in the car.

2)You write your own lyrics.Where do you draw inspiration from when you write  your songs and what is your favourite part about the process?

It’s different all the time. I often get my inspiration from a handful of my favourite songs on the charts or it just comes to me when I’m in the mood – if I get lucky.

3) If you could perform with anyone in the future  who would it have to be ?If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it have to be ?Same way which tv show  would  you like to appear ?

If I could perform with anyone in the world it would have to be Michael Jackson because I think he’s a legend and he changed pop music for everyone. He just makes you  to dance until you can’t anymore. I hope  to perform everywhere in the world and  there’s no preference for me. I just want people from all over the world to hear my music. I’d love to get featured in the Simpsons some time. It would be awesome to see a yellow cartoon version of me.

4) Do you have any embarrassing moment, especially during singing?

Well , there’s the six year old me dancing and singing to my first song.It’s on YouTube.

5) If you could have anyone locked in a room so that you could torment them for a day whom would you choose and how would you torment them?

I would lock my brother in a room and tickle him to death. It’s the worst form of torture and the perfect revenge for all the times he’s  annoyed me.

6)You are bounded by a solitude place.In that place either you  can have music with you but nothing else or you can have everything without music.Which choice you would prefer ?

I’d choose to have everything without music, even though a world without music would be like sight without colour, music without anything else would have no meaning

7) If I take your IPad from you now what songs /albums I can see in your playlist?

Well, you’d find a whole lot of pop songs, all of Ed sheeran’s new album and a bunch of Michael Jackson – my latest obsession.

8) Would you rather go on a week without bathing,but be able to change your clothes Or would you go on a week without changing your clothes but be able to bathe? 

I’d have to go a week without bathing. The same clothes for a whole week would be torture.

9) You can choose a super power and change something.What power would you choose and what would you change?

I’d choose super speed and change the world record.

10) Do you ever felt nervous before recording a song.If so tell how would you control?

I’ve definitely had that nervous feeling when writing. It’s sometimes really hard to come up with something catchy and original, and when you think of something, it ends up similar to something else you heard a week ago. My advice for this would be to just listen to new music. That way you’ll have  new inspiration every time you write.

Hope my readers had a  great time reading this article and got an inspiration from him.Let his music fill the entire world and create a great ambiance .

          “James Bakian is obsessed with music and Music Possessed James Bakian”

I think the above line is a perfect way to conclude this article.Do drop in your valuable moments.

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